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The Process, Explained

How Does All This Work?

Law firms operate in a variety of ways; some simple, others complex.

The Garza Attorney Group streamlines & simplifies the entire process.

Request An Appointment

Step 1

Request an appointment over the phone or on this website by clicking here.

When requesting an appointment, we will request information regarding your situation or legal need. An attorney will review the information provided and contact you to either set an appointment or to notify you otherwise.

Initial Consultation

Step 2

At your appointment, you will meet with an attorney. The attorney will listen to you and ask questions. Be prepared to answer more detailed information and have documents you think are relevant with you. If the attorney offers to represent you or agrees to provide legal work, you will sign a client engagement contract. This contract will explain the terms and scope of your legal representation. Depending on the type of service you seek, an advance deposit might be required before the Firm will perform its legal work.

The Legal Service

Step 3

What the legal service entails entirely depends on the type of service you seek, but it will always involve communication between you and the attorney. The attorney will give updates, request specific details or documents from you, and meet with you to coordinate on your legal matter.

This would be when documents are drafted, contracts reviewed, lawsuits filed, etc.

Ending the Representation

Step 4

Once the legal work is completed or the claim resolved, the attorney will coordinate with you and provide a packet including your client file, documents laying out any additional steps to take, and a letter signifying a conclusion to the representation.

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